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My best advice for keeping your jewelry in tip top shape is of course to take good care of it. Keeping it in a box or plastic bag will help keep it from tarnishing to quickly. Even still, sterling silver does tarnish eventually and can easily be cleaned. Lots of stores sell polishing cloths and even those handy liquid cleaners in little jars, shake and your jewelry is clean! I do not recommend wearing your jewelry in the ocean or any water that has chemicals. My mom was helpful in proving this by wearing hers in the ocean. All we can do is live, learn and pass on the information. Last good bit of advice from my own experience is to put your jewelry on last when getting ready. This prevents you from coating the jewelry with any sort of perfume, hair spray or other 'getting ready' products.

If a piece does happen to break or you have a problem with it please let me know. I would never want you to be unhappy with your jewelry or for anything to go wrong with it. If you are within a 60 day purchase period and have applied normal wear and gentle care to the jewelry I will be happy to repair - just contact me.